Safe types

The Wertheim-range offers following safe types:

Safes - tested, certified and insurable

Safes (standing safes) (resistance grade I to VKB)
Wertheim-safes offer certified protection against burglary and theft. 
Some product series also offer certified fire protection in addition to their anti-burglary resistance.
The higher the safe's resistance grade is, the more insurance coverage you can receive for a safe's contents.
The insurance amount may double when safe is connected to an alarm system.

Specified safes 
The extensive product range includes safes for specific application areas.
Wall safes, safes with drop-in mechanism, safes with special equipment or solutions that meet customer requests.

 Security classes and insured amounts (167 KB) 

Safety boxes 

Furniture safes (constructed according to VDMA-regulations)
Our safety boxes are manufactured in accordance with the VDMA-regulations, to give protection for documents, cash and valuables.

Small safesLaptop safes, Hotel safes
These models are not officially recognised by insurers but contents may be covered within the household insurance.

Fire safety boxes 

Office cabinets, Data safesFile cabinetsData boxes 
Files, data and documents will be reliably protected against fire.