Type BWP

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BWP series safes are fitted with swing-in doors. They are ideal for facilities (e.g. deposit boxes) where doors remain open during working hours and doors do not hinder. This safe does not have to be anchored.

  • Model
    Outside dimensions
    Inside dimensions
    h x w x d(mm)
    h x w x d(mm)
    (~ kg)
  • BWP1902K / -E
    1864 x 1416 x 688
    1730 x 960 x563
SH = Shelf / BWP standard without equipment (option different equipment variants - see product information) / Please add 20 mm to the listed outside depth for mountings.

Equipment options

Product Information


Door openingswing-in doors – upon opening, the doors slide into the side of the safe, leaving the area in front of the safe completely free – several safes can be positioned next to each other in a row, without open doors interfering each other

Bodytriple-walled, filled with armoured, high resistant barrier material

Door structuretriple-walled, with armoured, high resistant barrier material, internal boltwork protected by sheets of hardened steel to give extra anti-drill resistance

Locking mechanismthree-way moving boltwork with large steel bolts protected by additional emergency re-lockers, continuous fixed full height bolt on the hinge side

Anchoringfitted for floor anchoring
option: additional anchoring holes (customer specifies position)

Alarm connectionVdS-certified cable channels to allow connection to a burglar alarm system

Colourinside and outside RAL 7035 light grey
option: special colour according to RAL

Lockmodel designation K –
double-bit lock VdS class 1, Cawi 2 keys (95 mm)
model designation E –
electronic lock VdS class 2, M-locks EM3520
option: other lock models (primary lock or possible secondary lock)

Equipmentoption: shelf, inside locker, drawer, pull-out shelf,
deposit boxes (upon request)

Accessoriesoption: alarm switch set, interior lighting

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